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Ok so the guy I have do my work I don't want to or can't likes to replace everything OEM. He also swears by ordering with the engine number (that I can't find). Since I only have to replace one side of.the.front end.should I get OEM ( someone else wrecked it so they are paying) or should I got aftermarket. I don't have money also do other side. Oh and anyone had any problem ordering suspension and Axle parts with just model and serial numbers. . He does.good work and stands behind it just don't understand his.fascination with this other number. Had it once't.find again

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  • That's the.number I was looking for yxm.......

  • all Viking suspension components are identical

  • Yxm70vpxgg.

  • You still don't need it. Whoever's working on your viking is a Damn goober

  • Did it bend the frame? Looks like mine when i bought it

  • Like I said he doesn't good work and stands behind it, he just wants this number for everything. Says to make sure exact match with no delays. Charges what he pa for parts and a labor fee. Not sure yet if it bent the frame.

  • A vin number will give him everything he should need if he's looking it up at the dealer. But an engine number won't help him, yamaha parts fiche doesn't go by engine numbers. They go by the unit code.

  • It is the.unit code I'm looking for. Need to check dealer paperwork or call them. They are morons at.the dealership, I only deal with them as a last.resort

  • Yxm70vpxgg. That's a power steering model.

  • Thanks guys