Photos from Jay Blenkhorn's post


Up for sale after Christmas just waiting to put new crank seals and new piston rings in

. 19mm carb

. Stage 6 street race kit

. Stage 6 inlet manifold

. Stage 6 medium torque spring

. Stage 6 waterpump

. Polished waterpump cover

. Polini reeds

. Polini variator

. Motorforce coil

. Motorforce belt

. Pm clutch

. Pm bell

. TNT front panel ( I think )

. TNT break fluid caps

. Jack up kit

. BDC under tray

. Renthal bars

. Top speed - 70 mph(more if you get a gear up kit)

Got v5 and key and mot till end of feb and front light and both break switches work for break light

Bad points -

. Needs a spray job(panels aren't cracked or zip tied though)

. Needs indicators and relay I will give indicators with it

. Needs horn

Both cheap and simple I just can't be bothered

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