Photos from Jeff Duncan's post

First time at Crab Island in Destin.

  • Whaaaaat . Pic say 2013 copyright . Lmao

  • Lol

  • You are getting scared you will lose

  • You will catch me...if I sell boat now and don't buy another till 2018.. lol

  • I thought that was actually you in the ice cream dingy..that's why we originally flagged him over...

  • Ypu thought you seen my dingy

  • Lmao :p

  • Water police asked to see my dingy...So i showed them

  • Oh crap this isn't messenger lol

  • Keegan's looking at me like why are you laughing so hard

  • Lmao...yea cindy is like ...wth lol

  • By the way the salt is killing the snaps. Had another break on the swim deck cushion. Both have broken on the front ladder straps. Need to take an inventory and start replacing them. On a positive note the Bimini is back on. $206 well spent...smh

  • That ice cream really just in a cooler???

  • It looked like it. I was trying to figure it out myself. Never asked. Maybe it was a Yeti

  • It was very hot out and the ice cream sandwich was so frozen it had to thaw to be able to eat it.

  • Btw Kathy never got a picture of the boiled peanuts guy riding around. I'm not a fan so we didn't buy any.

  • Crab island is a good time. I spent today on my boat in perdido key here in pensacola but I usually ride my ski either in pensacola beach area or destin at crab island.