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Rode 1250 miles over the holiday weekend.

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  • What is she like on the long trips?

  • The first 300 miles in a day aren't too bad, you learn pretty quickly how to stretch out and can stay pretty comfortable if you keep changing riding position. After 400 miles in a day it becomes pretty brutal. I really need to do something with the stock seat. It just doesn't cut it.

  • Any advise on travel bags? I'm looking at doing a 1100km(690mile) round trip down here in Australia at the end of the year so I'll need to take some clothes with me etc, how many kms roughly were you getting to a tank? Well I should say miles to a tank hah

  • I use Cortech bags. I use the magnetic tank bag by itself for around town and the tail bag for trips. I have the expandable tail bag and can fit several days worth of clothes in it. I am not a big fan of how it attaches to the bike, but, a few zip ties helped secure the straps better. As far as miles to a tank, the fuel gauge is unpredictable enough I never took more than 3.2 gallons to fill it. I was averaging mid to upper 40's in miles per gallon on fuel economy though.