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Just replaced the front marker lights with LED white driving and amber turn lights. Love the way they look.

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  • Mine will be here tomorrow.

  • I was going to do the custom Dynamics, however I would have to add another part to make them flash. The Kuryakyn triple whammy was truly just plug and play. Just could not be any simpler. I get running lights and the brake flasher and only takes about 10 minutes total to install. Also it comes with one load resistor that also just plugs in so there was no splicing or extra wiring to load the LED's installed. Both are a great look, I just went the super easy way.

  • Ordered and Darnell installed my lights. One is very dim. I get to check out their customer service now.

  • Jeff did you have to take fairing off. Is the plug in in the headlight. I have one of those and they said it plug in under the seat but I could not find a plug in

  • The front marker lights was just a bulb replacement, just have to remove the lenses.

  • I already have the front done I was asking about the triple whammy Sorry. I should have said that

  • Did any actually go with the Custom Dynamics setup? Struggling to find what fits..

  • Richey Leamer. I did, works well, I posted a video to this forum last summer showing installed with cheap $20 LED/Flasher bulb from SuperBright

  • I went to do this to mine yesterday but it flashed to fast, I already have the triple whammy on it with led rear turn signals so I need to add another load equalizer. Have it on order. But it does look good I also have a LED H4 headlight bulb

  • Just did some night driving last night down hwy 1 these lights really light the sides of the road.