Photos from Jesse Roy's post

I'm going to trade this in soon. I have the backrest, rear foot pegs. And highway bar that I'm getting rid of.

  • How much for the highway bar and backrest????

  • I might be interested

  • What part of the country are u from?

  • California.

  • What the going rate? It comes with the helmet lock and key. 325??

  • Or offer I don't know it's been awhile

  • Pm

  • I replied

  • How much for rear foot pegs?

  • I'll trade you my shocks..

  • I'm just taking it back to stock, well as much as possible

  • Those are pending at the moment.

  • Friend request sent

  • Is the highway bar Low and Mean?

  • Yes

  • Highway bar sold yet?

  • I just bought it

  • Exhaust???

  • It's staying but I have a megaphone you can have for 10 bucks.

  • It melted my shoe but it sounded pretty cool until I moved into the city and out of the country

  • Aww man. Haha okay

  • Marissa Pluta it sits right under your peg. Hard to miss it unless you learn it's there lol.

  • Unless you have an aftermarket one I mean I don't burn my shoe on mine. I even rest my toes on mine sometimes.

  • Marissa Pluta it was the megaphone that did it. The stock one was fine.

  • Ohhhh I got ya.