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New set of tyres fitted, Dunlop roads smart 3 will have to se how they go . I was impressed with the 228 that came with the bike

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  • what is 228?

  • dunlop

  • there is not dunlop d228, but the oem japanese version which is equipped for cost budget reasons and this is the d222

  • sorry i was wrong indeed its d222....thats the tyre on mine Tracer,like it in dry conditions,never tested it in wet conditions......

  • its was just ok for my taste, not something to remember

  • ok (y)

  • People slag off the 222s .. I'm 20 stone , ride my bike hard in all conditions , just at the point of changing the front which has 11k on it , rear is a roadsmart which has 6k on it , so 5k out of the 222 rear ... think some on here think they are Rossi but with inch wide chicken strips

  • The Dunlop 228 is the original tyre that came with the bike, they are no longer made it was a run Dunlop did for the tracer

  • I had the d222 on my tracer (and also on my old honda cb500f as first tyre)......I hate these tyres, they gave me a very bad feeling with the road and i used only on dry conditions. I changed it with I have also the roadsmar3 with 5k and there is more then half tyre to be used, they are very good but I've used also these only on dry street.....rain not yet

  • I had some fitted a few weeks ago, no issues in the dry or the rain

  • I'm not very impresed with dunlop..havent been on a bike more then 4 years but the tires ive tried is michelin pirelli dunlop and metzeler.. and i liked metzeler the best..

  • Got 6000 miles out if the last lot which I thought is good

  • Only got out about 3500 Miles with dunlop that came with the bike when new.. could have maybe gotten out 500 more but wanted new one rear before bike vacation..

  • I was always a metz fan ... but a loan bike had them and they felt wooly ...

  • I hated the D222 which was fitted on every single Tracer I've seen - and as a Yamaha Dealer I've seen a couple

  • I fiited a roadsmart 3 to the rear of my bike and think it's great! Seems to be taking longer to square off.

  • I thought the original Dunlops were absolutely awful. No feel at the front and the back felt like you were riding on ice. Awful.

  • I agree... Okropne opona!