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Just picked up this girl for almost nothing having issues finding Carb O rings for it online. is 1999 R6, this is my first time on a 600 I hope I like it considering my last bike was an R1 but ran into some financial issues. But now with this cheap beauty I can get it going just gotta clean the carbs

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  • The FZ6 and FZ6R are not restricted. They are geared different and have a few other differences such as the cams, insectors, headers, and so on.

  • Yes Dave Patton III you're right. I just read again the article and says what you mention.

  • So let's say for some reason so.etching goes really bad can I just swap a motor and tranny from an FZ6R and throw the carbs on it ? But is the newer motor a genesis motor as well, you know 5 valves per cylinder

  • I don't know.....

  • The FZ6 and FZ6R are fuel injected.

  • The only issue I see it's the timing being jacked but any engine can run on a carb, and I think the newer motor has coils per cyl rather than an inline carb set up so yes I know it's possible, just the fiering order would be different... I guess it would be smart to do a full swap with wire hardness and all and go FI if I did do a swap, this thread has become very interesting and lots of knowledge

  • Or just swap the clutch and not have to worry about it any more.

  • I'm kind of confused clutch and second gear are two completely things in my mind, I have worked on my cars transmission before and swapped 3rd gear before so I'm assuming is the same concept except a bike tranny is more like a dogbox gear set just theeth no synchros, so when I read bad gear goes bad I'm assuming something is wrong with the actual gear not the clutch disk set... Or possibly a shift selector/fork but if the clutch is the the way to fix the pop out from gear even better

  • In a bike you can have tight a tight pattern, a sloppy, pattern, and all in between. The FZ6 has a tight but ruged built. I can shift with not clutch but at the same time when I use the clutch you can hear the gear changes and feel them.

  • Just picked up a carb rebuilt kit for all 4 it was about 90 bucks 110 shipped not a bad price IMO compared to the link above