• Photos from Jim Dicks's post

    Back seat removed and new lower windshield

    • Has anyone attempted to take the hard bags off? I wanted to remove mine to properly clean my bike, I also wanted to see what it looks like wo the bags. There are 4 bolts in mine to remove, but I have not attempted it yet.

    • Please have someone help you because you could drop them on the floor. I have someone help me and I put a heavy blanket on ground.

    • Leigh Dunkle Riley,if you do it alone loosen the top two bolts first. That way it won't drop. The left side bag, you'll have to follow the wire from the Ipod connection. Unplug that. It's easy to figure out. And last but not least, you'll still have the brackets on your bike. Those too can be removed but you will need some kind of spacers to compensate for removing the brackets. I do it a lot. Remove the bags for cleaning I mean.

    • Thanks Jerry Schaver and Jeff Pochik. (Note to self: place high off ground. friend removed hard bags and laid on ground, then accidentally stepped on it and a scratched it. Cost her $100.+ just to have the lid repainted) ( yes she is a blonde and yes it was a Harley LOL).

      I had quick release brackets installed on my 650 bike for fast easy removal. Wondering if they make such a bracket for this bike??? I like the option to ride with or without and made for super easy cleaning.

    • Also, I was looking at options for the chrome bag guards, and I think I saw a smaller version that just protects the front of the bag. I liked that option.

    • Take it from me I learned the hard way go with the full guards

    • WOW! Just learned something. If I click on that one picture I can see the bag guards just fine...LOL. Yes sometimes I can be that dumb. They look good. So between that and the intake you have, I should only have to sell one kid or maybe a kidney or something. I gotta have 'em!

    • Lmao I was gonna say something but I let it slide lol

    • Just dropped her off at the dealer to get her ready for winter

    • The joys of having a garage. I just went out to visit mine. STILL waiting for my fuel pack. Finally got the guy to tell me the 18th it'll be at my house.