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Does any have recommendations or experience with a Summit, Sunlift, or Shoremate?

My slip is tight and I have the Marina's launch to my port side. I'm looking at hydraulic lifts because I need something with a minimal profile.

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  • If anyone has the v-lift can you tell me how you like it?

  • Im wondering the same. Looks amazing, but is it worth $7500?

  • What's the basic lift cost? I just started looking into lifts for a marina slip

  • Theyre all over the map. I believe an Airdock is around $4k. Mine came with my boat from the previous owner. I know some of the pontoon type lifts are $10k+

  • I was quoted $7280 for a 4500 lb Shoremate hydraulic with solar panel, wireless FOB, and load guides or ~$5600 for the lift and pump box only, which is why I'm looking used and asked my question above :3

  • Then why not look at this one instead? For around the same price you'd be crazy not to look at the v-lift by sunstream

  • I have a Craftlander boat lift....same as shorestation and a few others out there.....its great for the money about 3K

  • I have this, two tank, LOVE it

  • In Canada I just got a quote for $14,000 for a V-lift. I asked if they would include all the accessories and deliver and install nope. That's the basic V-lift I have to pick it up and install my self

  • I'm finding USED hydraulic lifts for $4000-4500. It's certainly better than the $14k or the $7300 that I was quoted for a new unit, but I'm not sure if it's a good deal for a used lift given the ages of what I've come across.

  • Where do you find used lifts?

  • Craigslist

  • Thanks