Photos from Jimmy Eubanks's post

First ride on the 250k.went well till after I noticed my rebuilt shock was leaking.

  • yeah keep her stock Jimmy, chuck some gold valve emulators in the front, rear shock rebuild is dead easy (UTube), the seal head is available from Motoduro and the bump stop from Buzzard racing US..........If Gerald wants to make his bike "modern" thats up to him as its his bike, next he can put in a rear disc and a watercooled motor in as well while he is at it :).....the TLS front end work excellent on the K with correct adjustment and shoes

  • Again Alex. Thanks for insulting my bike :)

  • I'd love to have an 83 250.. The 490 is just too big for tight stuff,


  • The 250 K's are hard to find around here. The 490's pretty easy.

  • Gerald Luckett maybe this is the look your after?

  • Last time I checked there was one at

  • Minnesota, Montana? Some where up there.. Pretty much complete, cracked cylinder... Looks like he decided to part it out.

  • I like it a lot

  • dont do things in halves....if you want modern and like the IT this is what you want....otherwise leave it the way it was meant to be.....just saying :)

  • Actually Alex , thats pretty close to what I want to do with my 96 WR. Just haven't decided the best way to accomplish the color change. Not a bad job there either. Don't like what I did with my 83 ? To each his own. But there's no need to be insulting ! With our trails and the way I ride. Re-valving that front end was no match to the USD forks. Too much flex.

  • This one wasn't far from boneyard when I got it.rattlecan black is not our friend.just had to rescue old it.

  • Front end has 43mm stock. If you are flexing that with your riding style/area then it sounds like you need to stay pretty far away from vintage stuff. Just sayin'...

  • bought a new one just like that in 83-great bike..dont know why I ever got rid of it...back in the 80's..