Photos from Joe Baker's post

Before and after

  • I see that you still have the passenger foot pegs on. Is it a problem? Or can you keep them?

  • Had to grind the corn of the peg bracket down a little

  • I love the exhaust, but it's always bugged me how it leaves that groove for the stock exhaust the right lower side of the motor exposed... :/

  • Never noticed it till u said something

  • Damn... sorry... I have a weird tendency to notice stuff like that lol. Either way still looks great and from the sound clips I've heard sounds great too!

  • Yamaha should have designed the stock exhaust so that they didn't have to put that groove in there....

  • Yeaah bro i love it Danny

  • What did you do with the o2 sensor

  • There is a port for it