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Okay....I ordered 30x10x14 blackwater tires. Help me pick wheels.

These 3 choices.

115 a piece on the Sti's

110 on the silver beadlocked Mambas

126 on the all black Mambas.

I'm leaning on the silver Mambas.

They'd GO good with our SE VI

  • Thanks for your help, seriously.

    But I want beadlocks. We have tight trails here and with a 10' wheelbase the rear tires take abuse on tighter turns.

    Here's the best deal I've found online.

    See if you can do better. -Mamba-Beadlock-ATV-Wheel/dp/B 011WGFJUG

  • LOL......I dont need to do better.....I have mine

  • Well then read the post better next time I guess....

    I appreciate you taking the time on looking out on the prices though.

  • You machine looks great with them!

  • Joe go directly to kj Motorsports site and order. You will get lugs and tool included.This is the same company I used and they had them to my house in two days. Wheels and tires mounted. Amazon is delaying orders unless you have prime

  • I have a Bike shop a few blocks away giving me the hook up.

    I was just referencing the beadlocks

  • Hi Mark Ekey

    I got the tires in today. They were out of stock on the wheels. I ordered them from KJM thru amazon. They emailed me directly and we figured out the details and they are sending the STI deeper center caps at no charge along with the lugnuts.

    Excellent customer service. They have already shipped according to the tracking number.

    These are next to my Excursion with 35 3/8" tires

    They're huge!

  • Awesome look great