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Got my new Vance and Hines big Radius but what do I with this hole where the passenger foot peg was? Not sure why it was moved?

  • I never said it wasn't for bettering the bikes performance I said it wasn't HIGH PERFORMANCE.. like putting a 117 kit big air etc...and I'm not questioning your experience as a matter of fact I enjoy feedback from from other ""raiders"" but like I said with only adding an exhaust and a tuner the bike should run good at any altitude or riding situation and if it don't he has other issues....mine only got better b the more I rode it but it has and always will drink fuel like crazy.....who cares...BTW sweet the running boards. ..I need some myself

  • Looks like your jugs are diamond cut.?

  • Well received. ..I have a barons stealth air kit exhaust baffles out and tuner it and runs rich in traffic but make no mistake she's a beast when you pull the throttle lol

  • Lol I hear that. ....

  • I wanna do a wider rim and maybe go to a 260 tire..ruining a 240 now and it handles real nice...gotta bring my bars back about 4 it won't ever stop I'll always be doing something. ..

  • It's a never-ending project

  • Don. I gotta ask, do you have a breathing problem. Based on the way you type...

  • Hunh..

  • What I'm saying is, enough with the ellipsis

  • Well first off little brother don't disrespect me !!!!!!! Me and a fellow rider were having a friendly discussion about tuners big air kit etc what made you come up with such an asinine statement about ellipsis was just goofy as hell....but it's all good because the gentleman I was talking to understood me,just fine lite buddy....sorry u had so much trouble...lmao.................................... ......