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Street Legal Vintage 1982 Yamaha IT465 2 Stroke for sale

Tagged in Georgia, Full Dual Sport kit including LED blinkers, LED brake light, horn, LED hi/lo beam; 14 A/H Lithium Iron Battery; Dual Sport tires like new, also have a brand new 17" knobby rear tire (irc vulcanduro); custom re-valved rear suspension (brand new swing-arm bearings and bushings installed); Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge emulators up front in 43mm '84 YZ490 forks. New seal in left fork leg. New kickstart return spring. Double leading shoe front brakes. Geared high for the street. Will easily run well over 80 per GPS. Probably 100 plus if you are really brave and not afraid to rev it. I avoid high rpm use...

It has extras you are unlikely to find on any other 80's enduro bike, including a very expensive lithium Iron (not Ion) battery and a dual LED headlight, neither of which was even available in the United States (or anywhere I believe) until 2010. Those 2 items alone cost me about 3 bills. ... -BS12.html. This is a new style battery- very light, very slow discharge. It also has an X-ring chain and Acerbis hand guards.

custom passenger pegs, big bars, custom tank paint (which unfortunately now needs to be redone cosmetically- looks good from 10' away but cracks around the fill cap are visible if closer), custom tank graphics done in 1978-1980 YZ style, expensive epoxy coating of the tank interior (which also unfortunately needs to be redone within the next year or two), brand-new outlaw racing billet aluminum fuel cap, and way way way too many late nights of labor in the garage

I have a monstrous investment into this antique.

I meticulously restored this bike over 2 years, then used it on honeymoon, and it pains me to list it for sale. This is the only IT465 like this, in this condition, with these mods, restored, with a pretty fresh top end done by Proline Motorsports by the boss man himself over there (Jim), and in street legal condition, in the US, as far as I know. A YZ465 cannot be made street legal in Georgia.

Brand-new DG pipe going on today. Inspected the piston and cylinder while the pipe was off last night. No blow by on the piston. The cylinder looks exceptional, all honing crosshatching still clearly visible. No obvious wear.

This is no trailer queen. My wife and I slayed the tail of the dragon in 2011 on our honeymoon- see photos. It is built right and ready to ride, even two up for short jaunts if your passenger is fairly light... I have a 19" rim and spare front hub, all it needs is a spoke kit and some sticky street rubber and it would make a slick vintage Motard, although it was called "superbikers" back in the day

I have in hand the following spares: original front headlight shroud, original fuel tank, aftermarket front number plate, two good countershaft sprocket's (13 and 15 t), nice Sidewinder 48 tooth aluminum rear sprocket, and brand-new in packaging 44t rear sprocket, photocopy of an oem Yamaha shop manual, many receipts including the top and bottom and engine work, numerous seals, gaskets and bearings, spare air filter cage, and miscellaneous other items/spares.

$2800 or best offer. Located in Madison, Georgia. 706-206-0073.

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  • Dg pipe now installed. Ebc sintered metal grooved front brake pad en route.

  • I'm having a little trouble finding a replacement carburetor float for the Yamaha, want to ensure that I order the correct one. The existing one was leaking and I have it temporarily repaired with JB Weld but that is obviously not a permanent solution.

    It is the old-style brass on the pivot hinge, not the newer plastic style that goes vertically up and down on a small rod.

    Suggestions? Thanks

  • Super bad ass

  • 38MM?

  • Thank you Derek! Louis, It appears to be a stock carb. I'm working from the assumption that it is a 38 mm. It is an old Mikuni VM round slide.

  • I wish you were not so far away! Seriously a freaking awesome looking bike! The perfect dual sport!