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I'm back and got a couple pics to show ya:-) Here are a few pics of the 2011 V* 1300 I acquired back in January '14. Just finished painting the tins, saddlebags, and the Reckless Fairing. Completed an oil change, coolant flush, rear brake pads and new NGK plugs all this past weekend. Getting Shinko 777 front and rear tires mounted tomorrow. That's about it, just waiting on the weather to get right so we get some riding in.

Sitting next to the 1300 is my wife's(my old bike) 2012 V* 950.

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  • Looks Awesome John Wilson

  • Thanks Dennis Neiderhiser, took a lil work but it's coming together, slowly but surely.

  • Are the bags the old leather rapped ones if so how did they paint them? I cant find anyone to do it around me.

  • @ Shawn Matte, Yepper....the bags are the OEM leather wrapped bags without the leather. I stripped the leather from both due to the condition of the leather. I painted everything myself, fenders, tank, and fairing. The toughest part for the bags was the sanding and using bondo to level out most of the low spots prior to priming and painting.

  • They look great. I wish I could do that to mine everyone I went to was worried about the flex in the lids

  • @ Shawn Matte, Hmmmm.....flex in the lids??? Hadn't considered that, oh well, so far so good. The only thing that I did notice is that without the leather, I needed to add some padding between the hinges to have the proper spacing between the hinge and the bag for mounting. I also reused the rubber seal on the inside lip of the bag to maintain the correct height and seal for the lid.

    Hopefully they hold up well when it gets hot this summer.

  • I think they should hold up. Keep us posted.