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Wattch this guy I'm calling scammer

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  • Oh snap. I almost got hit by him like 30 minutes ago

  • I posted this to teach u guys what to look 4

  • I hunt these theifs

  • Im normally pretty good. I was talking with this guy in IM. He must have had is A game on cause I was falling for it.

  • Ask for detailed pics

    Like your name on paper next to product

  • Of course he's good prob makes more than we do doing this

  • That's super easy to photoshop

  • I doubt they can photoshop

  • There theifs

    Never smart

  • Could be but if they send a pic like within a minute better chance if being authentic.

    Oh oh... A pic of the item next to that days print if newspaper like a kidnapper!

  • Lol

  • Motor is on ebay..

  • Notice the damage in front of sprocket

  • eBay sight is for a shop! Broken dirt bikes is the eBay name I see the steering stabilizer