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Did a 6 inch chop top now working on a lift to see how high I can get

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  • There's nothing like a chopped top you did a good job John R. McKay Sr. Looks good

  • Looking for some 29-5 terminators to put on

  • I'm wondering if instead of relocating the rear braces, it would be easier to eliminate them and just run a horizontal harnesses bar across the back like a rzr

  • You can it might look better I had to cut and smash it to fit the pipe

  • Didn't you have to cut and stretch the top too so it would line up

  • No I cut the bottom back first then I set it on and seen how much I wanted to cut I did 2-1/2 inches in front

  • You only cut the back right? The front just hinged back at the mounting bolts?

  • I was referring to the blue one above.

  • So 6" in the rear and 2.5" in front

    I think I got this

  • Do 5 in rear if you want it lower cut six it depends on how tall you are

  • I'm 5' 10"

  • No you have to cut the hub off the front at the weld also

  • Then look at it to see how low you want it then cut the pipe again

  • Joe Bruns ---- Jeffrey Combs here the blue one above --- I cut 5" off the back and 5" off the front if your not good at welding don't do it you have to cut everything off the back to lower it and re-weld everything back together and remember if you don't do a good job welding it back together you take your own safety in you hands ------ if you roll it over the cage could collapse on u just be careful with what you do to the cage

  • Thanks for the heads up.

    I intend on cutting my VI at the rear behind first row seating. And not shorten the "A pillar" and lengthen the roof.

    And basically let the front of cage pivot at the front mounting bolts

    If I cut the front and lengthen the roof like a typical car chop the folding windshield and hard roof won't work well.

    I've chopped 3 old cars, while I'm not going at it blindly, I do have to approach this a little differently.

  • Ok :)

    I spent the winter staring at it measuring and debating -----

  • Yeah....pounding rocks on the trail bottoming out for a few months has had me pondering it too.

    I'm only chopping it to fit back into my enclosed trailer.

  • Lol that's why I had to chop it after all I did i couldn't get it out of garage

  • Chop or put factor tires on it to move it in and out of cargo trailer that would have been to much work

  • I'd rather chop it once than do that several times.

    What air pressure are you running m

  • Not for sure if don't have a gage with me

  • I set them at 30 overnight after setting them up.

    Just lowered them to 15psi.

    Moved it around a little bit and took measurements.

    I gained exactly 3 1/4" at rear hubs and 2 7/8" +- at front hubs.

    I think te rear made a bigger difference due to the wheel being the same size f and rear.

    Had I went wider wheel in the back it probably would have been less.

    I'm real happy

  • Your ride is Looking good tires and wheels are ---- to each his own ---- I put the 30" outback max and there huge compared to all other 30" tires in have been around its the offset that really sets it apart from others