Photos from John R. Robinson's post

Just removed the passenger seat, and installed the V Star Billet rack. I got the idea from Paul Currie pictures. I really like it. FYI, if anyone else does this, there are four clear plastic stickers under the passenger seat that kept the seat from rubbing the paint on the fender. The glue from them was a you know what to get off. My finger will be numb for a month I think!

  • That's on my list to do to my bike.

  • Local shop sold me the rack for $139. On the V Star accessory web site it was listed for $169.

  • JRR Thanks for the complement. The fender rail I had on my RSTD had a slight upturned lip on the rear. With a barrel and bungy cords it was stable, with the Deluxe I am not so sure it will stay on, but it looks sharp

  • I wonder if some heat from a hair dryer would help in removing those clear protectors....I still have mine on :-(

  • Looks good and that is my next project for my bike

  • I tried a hair drier to no avail. Tried goo gone, nothing worked except lots of rubbing.

    I don't plan on strapping anything to the rack, just for looks. So far I really like the way it looks.

  • I use, "Goof Off." It's MethlEthelKeytone, works really well and hasn't damaged the paint. Extremely flammable. Maybe the same as Goo Gone though.

  • For those that don't know, MEK is some serious stuff. I used it when working in sheet metal forming. That stuff gets after it.

  • R John R. Robinson will you take a full length pic so I can see the whole bike? I wanna see the lines of the bike with the rail. I'm also thinking about getting low-profile seat. The lines of the bike is important to me.

  • I will be happy to Karen. I'll try to when I get home from work this eve.