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Hey guys i just got my sons case halfs cleaned up. Doing a complete bottom and top end rebuild. The last post o had showed his piston with a hole in it like the last picture. Pieces of piston went down to the crank bearings. So i split the case and clean found a hair line crack on stator side in goes thru second case bolt hole from the top. Also wear on the cases from counter balancer and some nicks on balancer. The bearings seem good. So one before me has had this motor apart before. Crank was noy factory and after removing crank bearings you can see where they used a punch and nicked the case when tapping. Question is i know it all can be welded by reading your guys posts but is it just better to buy cases..... thanks for all your help on advance.

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  • The counter balance portion is normal. But the rest needs cleaned up

  • As far as the weld and the nicks in the case what about the wear from the piston pieces and the crank? I appreciate it.

  • As long as there is no cracks or breaks it's fine. The counter balance bore all have that cut away in them. But something for sure got up in there with it and put a few gouges. But I'd get something to clean up all the marks and smooth it all out. And as far as the crank, as long as there is 0 up and down. And not an excessive amount of side to side.

  • Jon Gilbert if you need any machining work or the crank rebuilt let me know.

  • I know it might be tempting to slap it back together and ride, but don't. It seems like you're on the right track.

    Replace all the bearings while you have it all apart. Everything needs to be spotless. One grain of sand will decrease bearing life by 75% in a deep groove ball bearing. (This is on a NEW bearing)

    This is where high quality air filtration comes in. It doesn't take much dust to ruin an engine. Lip seals are also equally as fussy. Excessive axial or radial misalignment and they will leak. Same goes for if they go swimming in dirt. This will induce an air leak. Just some things to look for upon tear down and assembly of an engine.

    Oh and be sure to pressure and vacuum test the engine prior to start up to check for leaks.

  • Thank you for the reply. I completely plan on all new bearings and seals. Like i told mu boy it's apart and we are doing it right. I want it to last him years. The hair line crack is what bothered me most of all but ill get that welded