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So I had to put a plug in my tire today. Got a flat an hour and a half from home. I still had my wife come out with my truck and tow it home to be safe. Confirmed the plug is good and no leak. Took it for a 5 mile ride. Still doesn't bubble when I spray it, I think it's okay it's not near the side wall. I'm hoping I can salvage it because it's only 3 months old and it's a Michelin power pilot 2ct. Hell of a tire in my opinion. Anyone plug a tire and continue to use it? I'm a bit light so I can't buy a new one. Not sure if I should park it for the rest of the season.

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  • Just buy a new rear tire and find a place that mounts it for free when you buy it through them.

  • Hours are cut at work if I can't use it on a plug then I have to put it way till hours pick up again - wish this wasn't so

  • I would not ride extended beyond home or to shop on a plug. Many will probably say they have and you can. Read up on it! Highly highly highly discouraged!!! I've been burned by this kind of issue on my car 7/10 tire left but killed sidewall. Had to buy two new tires @ $240 per tire. This$180 or so rear tire it's not worth an accident, injury or worse. You don't need a new front, but please replace the rear!

  • Okay it's being put aside for the rest of the season - my new job blows / not enough hours to save

  • On my ninja 250 I plugged it and rode it for months sold it and the guy I sold it to rode it for a while with a plug as well

  • s-should-you-use-plugs-on-motorcycle-tires

    To each their own point of view. Take a read through and figure your course of action.

  • As long as it's a plug patch from the back side your golden