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cut up some yzf450 stock heel guards and they bolt right up, did not have bolts but zip tied it to show what I mean. Just cut it out with some snips, cut off the top mount hoop, bent the lower inside mount in, and they fit right up. also took a 6 pack rack from a four trax I got on ebay for $10, bent in the main mounts, welded the top tabs on here in the shop, and got a $10 six pack rack now as well. little more coating work and it will be all done. also heat wrapped the exhaust from the header back... the high temp powder on the header is holding up really well

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  • By chance do you know exactly what the purpose is of that rear bumper?

  • Wat kind of pipe is that?

  • it is a 6 pack rack, holds a cooler, nice for trail riding. also just easier to move the bike around. I have the stock bumper powdercoated blue if anyone needs it. The pipe is a stock pipe with a power camber modded header that i powder coated. The header was made for me off the forum. very very please with it, i do have a flame arrestor in there. the quad is a blend of a 350 raptor 2008 and a warrior. basicly a warrior frame, everything else raptor