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Sellers and buyers beware! Ricky Palles is a scammer and should not be trusted. I recently sold him a set of stock wheels, steering stem, headlight mounts, spindles and hardware shipped for 320 to Florida from Pennsylvania. After expressing condition of all items and showing pictures he agreed to buy. When he received them he stated that the wheels were bent and in bad shape. Meanwhile he swapped the wheels I sold him with the beat up wheels on his quad. Filed a claim with PayPal and shipped everything back. When I received it the wheels were ruined. Holes rounded out and all wheels bent and he also didn't send back the hardware. The picture with the wheels all together are them right before I shipped them.

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  • The wheels are definitely not in the same condition as what was shipped out. The guy just wanted everything sent back so he could get rid of the set of rims he shipped back. Shit is shady as f%$*!

  • Exactly, look at the lug holes. They are all bent up and no comparison to what Joey shipped out.

  • He didn't tighten the lug nuts and rode his quad, then realized he screwed up the that rim. So he figured he would bend another one and say they were like that. How pathetic....

  • Exactly he trashed them, sent back trashed, opened a case in paypal and got refunded....also kept hardware.

  • Joey kept all the pics and conversations so what is there to fight and paypal is trying to wash their hands of the whole thing.

  • Sucks man I hope it works out for joey but I think he's hosed

  • The fuck face was called out and exposed so maybe it will help someone down the road.

  • Yfz450r forensics are nothing to fuck with!

  • You see stuff like this happening all the time on pages like this. What makes you think people can be trusted?

  • It's stuff like this that make me not want to buy any used parts. Bought some headlights off here, claimed to be new takeoffs. One of the headlight mounts was broke clear off. Talked to him about it said he'd give the money back and I'd send the lights back. Never saw the money so the lights are still sitting in my garage