• Photos from Justin Smith's post

    Need to fund phase 2 of the twins, send me a message if your interested or want more pics. Came off a 09 Raider.

    • No idea man sorry

    • Can u find out im new to all this but would love to have them if they will fit my 06 650 classic

    • Those won't possibly fit a 650 chris the front head pipe is to far out of place

    • Ok thinks Craig Genau

    • How much are you asking for the pipes?

    • the 650s run with a straight pipe, you might be able to fab brackets for it but it seems that it would be easier to find something made for the bike. however you can get the filter replacement kit, and rejet carbs just make sure that whoever puts them on knows what they are doing. stay away from craigslist thats my advice

    • Sadly, if it came off Raider it will only fit Raider. I mean pipes.

    • Well sold everything gents, didn't think it would all go that quick!

    • Seen it to late sure do want a set if pipes like that.

    • There is no way you could make them work on a 650 unless you cut the flanges off and welded on smaller ones. The jugs on the 650 are no where near the size of the 1900. If you want radius pipes for the 650, check out Mortons. But, be forewarned, they are about $800 and are not double walled, so they will blue.