Photos from Kent Peterman's post

Been a while since I posted pics. My YT 125 with a ported DT175 topend. Coffman pipe. 32mm Mikuni . Fun fast little hard tail.

  • I have the dame bike, where u get a pipe from? Mine is shot

  • Pipes are scarce. I found that one on ebay.

  • I just picked 2 of these up!!

  • 2 stroke trikes rule.

  • I have a carb issue maybe you can help me with... On my 125... Maybe you know what the issue it... If i can shoot you a pm let me know

  • I'll try

  • Pm sent

  • wish i could find a few of them around here they have gone the way of the doe doe

  • I'd like to find me a 175

  • I got a parts bike yt 175