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Checking my coolant today only to realise this hose is melted off from the reservoir. Its obviously been like this for a while. Insight on this hose and it's importance?

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  • I looked in the manual it's the breather hose. I managed to fix it. Was quite easy actually.

  • Broken one is overflow hose.

  • What's the negative affects if it's melted closed? If it was still.. it's fixed now

  • Probably blowup the overflow tank.

    As the bike heats up everything expands, coolant is under pressure and if it gets to high will overflow into the tank. Once the bike cools it goes back into the bike. Having that block could mean it can not breath

  • Hectic.. that was my theory as well. Only thing I could think of that makes sense with that hose.

  • Is it blocked at the plastic bit? Just drill a hole in it where it melted and u might be able to cut alittle of the rubber back and hose clamp the old one back on. Or buy some fuel line hose. If thatll fit. Its more heat resistant

  • I did that.. haha.. thanks. I pulled out the plastic pipe inside the rubber, cut off the melted part and reattached the tube to it. Then for extra protection I used this putty to seal it all up.

  • I just don't get why it melted in the first place. My only bet is the plastic pipe under the hose was exposed to the header. The rubber hose wasn't properly on.

  • Yeh I dont understand either. Its odd.

  • Having the coolant reservoir under the headers is dumb to begin with, I'd say.