• Photos from Kevin Treece's post

    A nice pipe for my RT1

    • I have been looking for one of those forever!

    • A left side pipe ?

    • are those available for ct2?

    • I have always liked hookers

    • They were back then, rare as hen's teeth now....

    • Mark Ctune thx...

    • OK I see it is a right side pipe, here is mine for my DT3.

    • I really want to find one of those early style chambers for my 250 one day!

    • Just put that same pipe on my AT1B, Fast and LOUD. Love it!

    • That's the one I'm looking for! I'd love to find one for sale!!!

    • Sweet!

    • Jay-Joe Schmidtt I assure you that Kevin Treece knows that this pipe fit a RT1 in fact he has probably over 25 JT1's . So he is not a joker but a well know Yamaha Enduro ethusiast

    • Hooker Pipes tend to give you more lowend anyhow

    • Thanks for the support Milton

    • I'd put one on my RT3.

    • Had a Hooker pipe on my Wombat... damn was it loud!