Photos from Kiko Sanchez's post


YZ250's from 1983 to 1998.... All their motors are square-configured at 68mm bore x 68mm stroke.

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  • Are the photos nostalgic mate Geoff? Sorry to hear that haha! :D

  • My 125 K was a beautiful looking thing when i got it new. they still look good now. I still like the red and white more than the blue.

  • And those seats were just so comfortable without being too soft. RM's of that era had too soft seats and you sunk into them stopping you from moving easily.

  • Concur mate! Whatever happens to Yami why they went berserk with blue theme duh! It just get exacting each year actually.

    If Yamaha or One Industries could actually make a very good version of this white & red for the 2-stroke, i'm sold ;) They're simply not too bad mate ;)

  • ....And those can be easily photocopied by anyone. Just send them to a graphics company with your bike imprints on it, they can do an interps of that red-and-white Geoff....

  • The 60th anniversary "yellow with black pinstripe" YZ250F colour is goo-looking as well for the YZ250 2-stroke, especially now that they issue black rims for them.

  • Yeah, though I find it kind of funny that they make special anniversary models in colours that were only available in one country in the world. And don't get me started on black rims on bikes, most people rave about them but I absolutely hate them. To me they make the bike look like its all tyres and no rims and makes them look out of proportion. When Yamaha started using gold rims on the YZK's it was the smartest thing they ever did and that's what made the YZK's look so good in my opinion. Even riders that rode other brands wanted the trick gold rims. And yeah, I love those red and White colour schemes on the late models. All they need is a set of gold rims and they'd look awesome.

  • I do actually like the yellow and black colour scheme though.

  • LOL Geoff on the black rims; you don't know where the tyres start at when you're looking afar! Haha! :D

  • Billy Walker