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Nice to get home and find NOS IT stuff at the door!

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  • All good now

  • Cool NOS getting rare now days

  • Yup, scored that cover from Speed & Sport. They must have recently got one in as the last time I called, they said all gone! Now looking for a NOS left and rear fender would be nice too. Heck, I'd take a tank if the price was less than the mortage!

  • The bike I sold to you it has already both NOS panels on the bike since.

  • Kevin Black, your old bike now has all NOS plastic except the tank. It recently got NOS bars and kick start lever. Love the 77/79's the best.

  • I bought a couple repro fenders from Vintage in Taiwan last month. Should be here next week, will be interesting to see how they compare

  • Way cool

  • Kurt Flash, can you give me the website for Vintage in Taiwan?