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Custom painted body set has not been on a bike since being painted. The colors are not completely traditional colors it has lots of pearl over it. It only looks complete black when not in the sun when the sun hits it turns black gold & the yellow has lots of flake in it. I tried to get a picture showing but it does not show well in pictures. $ 475 Exchange or $ 700 outright with no core plus shipping.

  • Awesome job!

  • Thank You !

  • Love yellow!

  • I wish I had a camera that would capture the gold pearl in the sun. It really comes alive.

  • What you have is absolutely fantastic!

  • Love color on a clue what it would look like on a max

  • I might sit the faux cover & put a side cover on mine to give people an idea. I dont want to bolt the whole thing on

  • I've always been a fan of this paint scheme. Well since the Kenny Roberts race days

  • I had a poster similar to this shot hanging on my wall many moons ago.

  • Kurt Rahbek Nielsen

  • Always thought red suited them best- now I'm not so sure!!

  • Kurt Rahbek Nielsen

  • Not sure if he is a member is not he might not see the tag.

  • Sold ! Thanks for the comments & interest !