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There are times I fucking hate my Raider. Usually, every single damn time I try to wrench on it.

I have not been able to remove a single goddamned bolt from the bike and have it go back in easily. Either shit won't line up, or the threads get galled.

I am now looking for a tap so I can hopefully fix the damned thing.

Can anyone confirm for me that where you see the bolt missing, (not the top two horizontal holes, the vertical ones) the pitch is M10x1.25? Also, if I have to, can the bike be safely ridden without that bolt in there?

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  • Those are the peg mounts? Shouldn't be an issue without turn there.

  • No, those aren't the peg mounts.

  • why cant you get the bolts back in? Are you trying to drive everything with an impact or something?

    If it has loctite on it, you need to clean off the loctite and re-apply before re-installing them. Not too sure what else the issue may be as I never have any problems putting it back together.

  • Try Napa auto parts they usually carry odd sizes the bolt cross threaded on my Honda vtx installing floor boards and they had the metric tap I needed to save a disaster....not sure why your having so many problems with the raider they are an exceptional build

  • The bottom one works fine. The top one will act like it's catching the threads and then, for lack of a better term, will "pop" out and spin freely.

  • Sounds like you over torqued it then, will strip it right out if you do.

  • I don't know either. The brace on the bottom of the baffle section of the pipes did it to me as well. Now one bolt is halfway in and frozen, and the other has a tie-wraps through it.

  • I can't over torque something that never engaged the threads.

  • You probably screwed the threads when you removed the bolt. If theres resistance, use heat. Dissimilar metals can cause galvanic corrosion. Youll pull the threads out with the bolt. The holes on your peg mounts arent very pretty.

  • There was no resistance on removal, and what does my peg holes have to do with anything?

  • just an obseervation.. Is that rust (from the bolts) or residual loctite?

  • Residual loctite left when the dealer pulled the pegs off for me.

  • Than maybe the dealer fucked it up when they took the pegs off? Pulled the wrong bolt and zipped it back The way you described the popping sounds like a stripped hole. They tend to act like it's tightening then pop

  • Whoa, you mean the way I described it sounds just like the reason I asked to confirm the thread pitch so I could get a tap to fix it?!?! HOLY SHIT!!!

    It wasn't the dealer. The bolt was fine when removed and put back in for the sidemount plate frame I had on it, and came out fine today when I removed the plate frame, then wouldn't go back in when I tried to replace it.

  • So you can't overtighten something that doesn't engange but now you're saying you mounted a side mount there previously? Sounds like you overtightened and broke the threads. What do i know, but shit im not the one fucking threads up on my bike, look up torque specs and thread pitches in the manual thats only mentioned like 20 times on the page.

  • So instead of even attempting to answer either of my questions you went off on a tangent that wasn't pertinent and are now butthurt because I pointed that out?


  • if the threads are gone, it doesnt matter what WAS in there because it isnt now. Youll either have to helicoil it (I wouldnt go through that trouble) Or tap the next closest size you can find a replacement bolt for.

  • Ah shit, yeah my bad they're the transfer gear case mounting bolts.. You're gunna have issues if you don't get it fixed.

  • Yeah, I figured they were actually important. Just my luck.

  • Just from experience, I've had similar situations and I've found success with slowly turning the bolt in the hole ( making sure you keep bolt straight) and tapping lightly on bolt with a wrench or screwdriver handle both at the same time. "Tapping and turning" method lol.

  • Tried it already, heh.

  • Use lots of anti seeze on re assembly but rule of thumb when you use to different types of metal the will corrode aka raiders aluminum frame

  • Anti seize on a bolt that requires loctite?

  • And.. what does corrosion have to do with anything?

  • There was no loctite on these bolts.

  • Corrosion eats threads when you remove the bolts lol

  • Okay, but if I remove a bolt for maybe two minutes and put it back in, where is the issue?

  • Or cover all the threads with loctite they have corrosion reducers in them

  • It should have been done at the factory honestly all my bikes have it except my raider and I had thread damage too

  • It would be an aluminum frame with a nut welded or fastened to it your not bolting or potentially re-threading through aluminum Lance you previously stated you used a hammer to help which probably damaged the threads in the process in addition to tapping I would suggest replacing the bolt itself to ensure good fitment ...many time we get frustrated and fuck shit up same thing happened when I earlier told you about re-tapping my floor boards on my vtx because i went into it all excited and used an impact etc. never reading instructions lol it happens .. .not saying same scenario but these are stellar bikes made with prestine quality aka Harley Killer

  • Be careful on over tightening them too aluminum strips so easy

  • I'm not seeing where a hammer was ever mentioned.

    The bolt is fine, I've had about five people, now including a dealer's parts and service tech, inspect it and it's good to go, the entire issue is in the frame.

  • Maybe my fault someone earlier suggested you tap the bolt with a hammer to help and you stated you already tried that maybe my mistake just trying to help brother

  • If all else fails tap new threads if it just on the peg mounts just use anti seeze and check them every now and then raiders don't shake like a Harley

  • Yeah sounds like the nut in the frame needs to be re tapped

  • Is the transfer case mount hole that's in question

  • Oh that, yeah he said wrench or screwdriver which was throwing me. I just lightly tapped on it to see if it would seat, which it didn't.

  • Luckily, I was actually right for once. After scouring my entire section of the DFW Metroplex, I found *one* Fastenal location that had *one* of the correct size tap I needed (and they only had it because someone special ordered it a year ago and never picked it up).

    After running it through, the Bolt went in like a hot knife through butter.

    Thanks guys.