Photos from Larry Biggerstaff's post


First picture is how i found it, second is today, what you think?

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  • Nice moordoor 56' ! Same color as mines supposed to be, and will be again.

  • My dad had that same bike back in the 70's. Beautiful restoration! Looks just like I remember.

  • We share similar tastes Martin.

    My next truck will be a 72' 4x4 burb

  • Wrong color for a dt- 250.

  • 72 was orange 73 green sorry you dont like

  • U r getting some comments that r not so good. Ur bike looks good n it's clean. Don't listen to the bs

  • I (thought... ) the 1972 AT-1 (125) was orange... the ct-2 (175) red( had one). Dad's dt 250 was green ([perhaps it was a different year?) No offense. it's your bike; sorry for commenting. Cheers :)

  • Now it looks like mine, except much nicer.

  • My 72, 250 is orange too.

  • Nice bike !!