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Took the boat out for the first run of the year. Good time, got rained on, sun came out for a bit, only saw 1 other boat out and they were fishing. Oh and I dropped my phone into the river. Dammit, I liked that phone.

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  • Nice truck too!

  • Thanks, I have had that almost as long as I have had the boat. Tows it really well.

  • snake river? didnt know it was warm enough already. right on! B|

  • Yep Snake river. Didn't go in the water. Water temp was only 48.

  • i am jealous! i can't wait till summer.

  • That is why I took her out!!

  • I have an F150 that is amazing with our AR192! My husband was USAF too!

  • We have the same boat! To cold here in Virginia. Jealous!