• Photos from Lee Workman's post

    Any UK members got a 490 ? . Ive just sold mine and have this exhaust for sale - make me an offer :-)

    • This is the pipe that came on my 1983 IT490K when it was imported from the USA.

      The front pipe is a stock , unmodified Yamaha item, and is in really good shape for a 30 year old dirt bike pipe . It's not perfect or NOS , then neither is the price !

      It's had a repair near the mount on the back of the expansion chamber , and a few of the minor dings filled in with braze before being treated to a lick of heatproof black paint.

      Cosmetically and structurally it's very good , and certainly not rotten or bashed.

      The reason i state IT / YZ in the subject header is that i'm not entirely convinced that it's a pukka IT490K front pipe , whilst the fit was ok and everything seemed to line up , the front mudguard fouled the 'rib' on the leading edge of the pipe . It's been suggested that it may be an '82 ish YZ490 pipe , or that the original mudguard was poorly fitted / twisted. In any case - after the restoration of my bike i fitted a DG pipe , and subsequently sold the bike with the DG pipe fitted. So this one is surplus

      The tail pipe is again , the one that came fitted to the bike. It's an aftermarket alloy silencer made by the US company Answer. It's rebuildable / repackable with all the internals being held in place by a large circlip. The internals are in great shape - but the fiberglass packing will need replacing.

      Both items have been fully de-coked and de greased , and are as clean on the inside as they are on the outside.

      I reckon £100 for the pair is a fair price + plus UK postage or you can collect from Birmingham if you wish.

      I'm afraid that the cost of postage outside of the EU would be prohibitive due to the size of the box (airmail goes by 'volumetric' weight) , I'm guessing postage within the UK should be around the £20 mark