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Evening all. What a cracking weekend that was at cadders. Congrats and thanks to you all for making it so.

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  • Is it Italian Len ?

  • No neil.

  • Right. Times up cos I'm tired and going to bed. The car in question is in fact a Morgan +4 SLR.

    There were only 3 of these built circa 1964/5 and all three still going strong and being raced. All three at some point have been through our workshop at brands hatch morgans and we've restored two of them in the last 10 yrs. and despite their rarity and value they still get raced bloody hard.

    Hand built ally body on a std Morgan chassis using traditional Morgan suspension, steering and brakes. Powered by a period 2 ltr Triumph TR4 engine as used by the factory during production in the 1960s. Still running on carbs and points and condenser ignition as defined by race regs. Yet this 1960s 2.ltr engine now produces over 200 Bhp. Quite incredible I think.

    We've just had this one in for its winter refresh and new engine and loaded up today for testing at Silverstone on Wednesday.

    So Doug Edmondson was so close to being bang on.

    Well done doug. Beers coming for you at Silverstone.

  • ah I was close :)

  • But no cigar.

  • My God, I've just realised. That must have taken 2 hours to post. I put that up at ten.

  • Hang on, I got that right! And from memory too

  • Yeah. But after 10 when I'd posted the answer. Lol.

  • Oh right, I never saw that, just commented on the pic. I was in bed long before 10 lol

  • Anyway, I'm sure doug will see you ok for a beer or three.

    Actually, I've got some bottles of wine in my cazza you might like to wrap yourself around. I'll see you at Silverstone