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    How long is your rod? Ok yama peoples please help me here. The poles that came with my transport cover and my mooring cover are of two different lengths. The shorter one is in the front with the two white straps that attach to the front cleats, while the rear pole is longer with the longer black straps to attach to the rear cleats. Today at a friends house I noticed his pole in the bow of his SX190 was much longer than mine and pitching more of a tent (stop laughing this is serious) see picture, while his rear was shorter and hardly noticeable as the cover smoothly sloped from the windshield toward the stern with little to no rise (again see picture). Do I have mine backwards? My boat is in the black cover. I did once have an incident of water pooling between the front pole and the bow light between the two straps. I had to siphon it out as it was really stressing the cover.

    • White strapped poles in front

    • I put the white pole in front but sometimes put the throwable floating cushion on top lifts the bow section up just enough

    • I use the cover all the time. I hate it. I think you are doing it right. At one point I did some mixing and matching with the poles from the shipping cover, so I could pitch a taller tent in the back. I was getting puddles too. No more. :-)

    • You have it in right.

    • We have problems with ours all the time. Especially when it snows. Now the cover has been stretched, and we have had to resew it a couple of times. Time for a new cover. Such a pain! We are also going to make another lean to shed of sorts to put it under a roof next year.

    • Hahaha. Pitched a tent. lol. Long one up front

    • White front. Black back.

    • The poles are 4 pieces, switch the bottom around ,the longer one goes in the front with the white straps

    • Patricia, my factory poles are one piece units with the white bow straps sewn in place on the shorter pole

    • White in front. I put plastic bed lifts underneath the poles. Works great. Get the short ones.