Photos from Lloyd Blair's post

Just finished 12 apes, intake,cpu,foward control,side mount lis,and fender eliminator waiting on my exhaust

  • Are those the 9 inch low and mean forwards? How was changing the bars and lines? I've never done it so I'm kinda nervous for my first time! Looks sick brotha!

  • They are the ss custom cycles 4.5 forward control kit and way cheaper i stand 5'7 it kicked them plenty good control kit was easy they come with instructions but if you need help on them let me know low and mean has a video with their kit but on the apes if you have never done it before get someone to help they can get tricky

  • Well I'm about 6'4 so I think I'll need a little more. Ill look into it. I just don't wanna pay a shop if I don't have to but also my bike is my only transportation so I don't wnna mess it up haha thanks for the tip!

  • What kind of pegs are you running?

  • Omg!!!!! You got the Velociraptor that's what i want. Please please show more pics of it and tell me how it runs :))))

  • To Stroud Evans they are the ss custum toe cutter pegs and to Sly Sitek i love the velociraptor intake it runs amazing it sounds amazing to best decision on the bike

  • where did you get cables to fit the 12" apes ?

  • SS custom cycles is were i got my cables

  • Looks great although perspective might be deceiving, how's the riding position? could you share a pic of how it looks when riding?

  • I love the way it rides ill get some pics when i can get out again i live MO and its goin to be crappy this weekend