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What's the longest stint you've done in the seat of your tracer without getting off ? Myself, I did 7 hours from Keswick to stoke, woke up in b&b/pub then did some gentle touring all around the lakes back to the motorway, got to Warrington and had to stop due to cramps

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  • Rode the twisty way home from Germany to Norwich did have meal and drink breaks and ferry it took 24 and a quarter hours ,i was ment to sleep at the loft in Belgium but it was shut so came up with the silly plan of just going all the way home

  • I'm talking about not getting off the bike

  • Well iv sat on till its run close to empty but 170miles dont take too long

  • Max is 1 hour on the COMFORT seat. 30 min on stock...

  • I have a Seat Concepts seat with custom made sheep skin covers, you can sit on it for hours.

  • Peter Zeidler omg! What was the cost?

  • The Seat Concepts was done when I bought the bike so I don't know the cost. The sheep skin covers cost me $150 Australian by a local.

  • And you fill gas while sitting in the sadle. I prefer gas stations which hav pumps with card terminal that can be reached without leaving the sadle

  • Not allowed to fill your bike like that in Australia, you have to be off the seat.

  • Yeah I have seen some videos why not do that!!! A good reason to use anti static boots and gear.

  • 7 hours without refuelling? Were you riding at walking pace escorting a convoi exceptional?

  • Good way to aggravate the old prostate!!! I can do about 4 hrs then it's piss time every 30 min..doh! 7 hrs good going that. Eye

  • Newark to Glencoe in a very roundabout way. No probs.

  • 2 quick fill ups though!!!!!

  • Once did Tarragona Spain to central Lancs in 23 hours including ferry on an FJ1100, does that count ?

  • Has your arse ever recovered

  • I'll breake that 7h record next season. Need only prepare som food in a backpack

  • Tbf I did fuel in Windermere before I went off and did hardknott pass etc

  • After a ride home from Reims, with a break from the stock seat only long enough to get through the Channel Tunnel and put fuel in a couple of times, I decided a Bagster seat was needed. Such journeys are much nicer now as the seat is no longer topping the list of reasons to stop for a break.

  • Geneva to South Wales in a day, around 700 miles, on a R1150GS was too far. Limit it to a max of about 450 a day, if there is a section on motorways. Prefer days to be under 300 miles nowadays, 200 if in Alpine terrain.

  • Yer mad!