• Photos from Mac Cramer's post

    Valter Moto Rear sets

    • Got a link to them? And a pic with all the fairings back on?

      How are they for height compared to the factory ones?

    • I have a naked conversion. I got them from carpimoto.com for $268. They are adjustable and I like how high the sit. Smooth too. But I haven't been riding. My wrist is broken from am R1 wreck

    • Lol what a coincidence, i have only been back at work a few months after dislocating ands breaking my wrist when i wrote off my R1 street fighter.

    • Hahaha I feel your pain man. The road rash was absolutely the worst

    • I only had a bit on my knees elbows and lower back, had gear on but because I'm a fat fuck the armor never lines up where it should be.

      Tbh while i have permanent injury to my wrist the worst pain was the 3 broken ribs, spent 8 days in hospital and couldn't get out of bed for most of those

    • This was my worst rash. I had it everywhere Tho. Crashed at 80 meh without gear. Only a helmet. Never thought it would happen on a short ride

    • My theory proved right, when i go on short rides or commute to work i don't wear allm my gear, only when I'm out on rides in the hills, and in the hills is where it happened

    • Mac and Brett heal Up !!

      And Mac can u give us feedback on how they feel and ride in the future!!