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AR230 sleep over edition. Former owner got this made, works fine for staying the night in the boat.

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  • I went back and looked again I got looks good

  • Here's a few pics of our enclosure for our SX190

  • Wow really nice Kathie. Now, can you talk my wife into spending the night in a 19' boat :)

  • Would be happy to! It is my absolute favorite place to sleep in the summer. We slept in the Marina quite a bit last summer - nothing like waking up and sitting out on the back platform with your morning coffee:) We've got lots of other better pictures but I can't locate them at the moment.

  • Port-a_john?

  • There are bathrooms at the Marina but, yep, we've got a 5 gallon bucket with seat for emergencies:)

  • Looking good - yep love waking up to the sound of the water and the heat of the morning sun.

  • That looks nice, where are you located where you need that kind of cover?

  • Upstate NY on Cayuga Lake:)

  • Guess it can be chilly in NY at night

  • I live in GA USA, quite warm here during the summer. I the winter to cold, I would like to have the tent on the front for over nights.

  • Shame that Yamaha stopped selling these - saw one on ebay not long ago.

  • I would love one for our AR230.

  • Kathie, that is beautiful. Do you have the info for where you had it made?

  • Kathy Braby We used ABC Canvas in Cortland, NY.

    He did an awesome job. We absolutely love it. It gives us all kinds of flexibility from wanting a ski boat to wanting to be in the sun vs. in the shade, privacy, warmth, cool air, and ability to sleep in it. Panels easily unzip and it has screens and privacy shades. I love laying in the back on the bed and looking out at the water as we zoom around on the lake. We can go fast with it too. Makes it super easy to leave it at the marina after a day of boating. No covers to put on. Just zip up the screens and you're done!

  • Kathie, Can you show more of the bed? Did you have a custom floor cushion to bring it up to the height of the seats...or just a plain queen blow-up? TIA

  • Mads Prag Roesen On cool evenings we plug in a ceramic heater and stay plenty warm:)

  • Doug,

    We actually use one of the bow cushions and my husband built a brace for the cushion to rest on. Then we put a 2" gel mattress on top. We leave it set up all the time. Makes for such a great boat ride when you can lay back on a comfy bed and still be high enough to see the water & wake with the back "door" rolled up and privacy screens rolled down. I'll try to post more photos later. We're going to have a custom cushion made this year to use as the insert and also get one for the bow.

  • Cool - how is it working - on gas?

  • Kathy Braby - the one I have is designed for te AR230 and I expect the company to still have all details (they stamped a model number in it even if it is an unica) - I can investigate and ask for a price - dont know about import tax.

  • Mads Prag Roesen we have an electric slip so just plug it in:)

  • I have the bow, came with my AR192. I have the port bench, not captain chair. Might work out better.

  • Thank you Kathie! We're in Texas so we could use something like that for many months.