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FOR SALE. Boys and girls, my wife put deposit on new ride and Bolt is for sale. 534 mile at the moment. Bike is all stock, only thing is add to it is a ram ball next to speedo. Bike has factory warranty till Dec 23 2016. There is nothing wrong with it, she simply went back to same bike she own before. Bike is located in NW Chicago burbs(zip 60061), miles may go up a bit since I ride it around town few times a week. Bike had oil change done at 108 miles and 500. Price $5700.

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  • WOW! $5,700 is a good price. I bet this will sell quickly.

  • Bought my wife a bolt for $5000, and only had 80 miles on it. This price is a great buy

  • I'll swap my tank and fenders with you I have the silver r spec

  • Where are you located? I have the same bike. Would be interested in swapping tank and fenders.

  • Out by Schaumburg

  • What state lol

  • Illinois

  • Damn I thought you were the seller of the bike.

  • Sorry bro lol

  • All good sorry

  • I'm in Texas

  • Got my 2014 for $5500 with zero miles but after the dealer fees it came to $6300

  • No dealer fees here, private sale. Another thing the 600 mile service is already done at 500 so saving of another $150-$230 depending on location

  • yeah thats a good price. should go quick

  • Very good price!