Photos from Mark Coningsby's post


Bought something today.....not telling yet though.

A picture is worth...well at least a few words.

Let's hope I get it sorted tomorrow. Depends on my son who says each time I come home "I really really love your new bike daddy"

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  • Comfort seat.

  • Gel inserts. :-)

  • is that an MRA screen ? Any good ?

  • No sadly it's not. It's a standard screen.

  • ...but that's an add on at the top right ?

  • Yeah it's a windshield extender. Borrowed off a mate due to the wind noise. Does a good job but I'm looking forward to the MRA screens when they come out.

    I do like a good double bubble

  • Ah yes it's a MRA extender, if that was the actual question? Which I think it was

  • I got myself the Powerbronze touring screen to eliminate the noise as it painful at times. That helped a bit in the middle position. I then went for the Puig clip on screen similar to your photo Mark Coningsby. It made a big difference. Only popped out for an hour the other night, but I'm happy with the set up now.

  • Ive ordered the Ermax sport screen from France, im one of the lucky ones who doesn't seem to be affected by wind roar,yes its noisy but it was on my old 600 Fazer so im blaming my lid more than the screen so im getting custom made ear plugs made soon. If the Ermax makes things worse I'll just put the standard screen back on, but im aware that its a BIG problem for some people. Im 5 ' 11 " and my screen is on the highest setting