• Photos from Mark Coningsby's post

    Let's play......Spot the difference!

    No not the little screen extender or givi rack

    • Was joking mate , meant the green one ....

    • Ah yes now I see it. Sorry dealing with a shitty little 3 year old and a screaming 10week old I didn't read it correctly.

    • Mostly cosmetic, though the sales pitch is all about performance as they can take a greater amount of pressure.

      They are from http://racebikebitz.com/ though I know the owner so got them...at a discounted price.

      I'm 5ft 8" and yes it makes a difference. I was getting such a head wobble without it.

    • Hands full indeed , glad my 4 are all grown up now , well the youngest is 11 so is pretty self sufficient now ! I'm having a good troll at peoples mods , liking them pipes , fancy a belly pan and some spot lights , see what she looks like once led indicators are on ....

    • Can't decide if the spot lights look right on the big.

      LED indicators do look good!

    • I intend to commute across the new forest a fair bit , loads of deer , badger s rabbits etc , so wanted good light , turns out the lights pretty good anyway , but ordered the led as they add light apparently , or so the dealer says , we'll see , but they look cool anyway , not seen one with the spots yet tho ....

    • The main light on the bike is amazing. Did a bit of a test late late one night to see for myself.

      Pitch Black Country roads and they lit up fantastically. You'll enjoy those in the New Forest. You forgot to mention the horses!!!

    • And the pigs ....

    • Liking the hoses

      I wonder what colour would suit the matte grey Tracer ?

      And im guessing it doesnt affect the warranty ? ( you know how they love to get fussy over things )

      And are all 8 pieces get at able ?

    • Easy to fit. Not sure on warranty.... Not going to worry about it.

      Ended up with 2 hoses left over. Couldn't figure out where the my went :-)