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So following from a trip I did in the first week of owning my Tracer, where I did 202 miles before I bottled it and filled up, today as I was doing almost the same route, I decided to do it again!

After the fuel light started flashing I did a simple 15 miles on top.

In this instance I'd managed 194 miles on a tank, ave speed was 75mph on motorways. In standard mode all the way with a fully laden bike + 20kg or more in the bags.

Put in (bike on centre stand) 16.23 litres at the pump! So had more than enough for twice that mileage on "empty".

Over a 400 mile round trip I managed an ave of 54mpg. Not bad I'd say, partially as the ave speed on the return leg was more 85mph.

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  • All good. However, i only ride my bike for fun and dont get anywhere near your figures. Ragging it on b roads only delivers fun and an adrenalin rush but mpg? No idea. Guess i am the lucky one. Although getting the train to work is hardly lucky.

  • I care about the MPG as I get to claim either fuel use or mileage..... On this occasion it'll be mileage :-)

  • I travel in to North London every day and I get 57 to 61 on the average fuel, even with the obvious errors it's over 50 to the Galen which ain't bad. My Los gsx1250 fa did 42 to 46.

  • Still good to know mpg for when i am touring!!

  • Just done a 1300 mile tour round northern England, average fuel consumption was 61mpg, although a there was a group of us we were not always going quick, best mileage on one tank was 241 miles, then it took 17.62 litres.

  • Do you guys notice that the digital fuel gauge is slow? Well at least to start with. Started a 110 mile run last Saturday with a full tank according to the fuel gauge and a quarter left at the end!!! Mine seams to stay full for a long time

  • The first bar to go covers half the tank, mine stays on full till around 130-140 miles

  • Good info guys, never looked into fuel figures when buying the bike, so they're a pleasant surprise.