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Looking to replace chain and sprockets soon, what's better. X ring or o ring. Found these 2, thoughts?

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  • O ring is better

  • I bought the one on the right. So far, it's holding up great. I've got 1000 miles on it and oil it every time I get gas and it's still snug

  • The O-ring and X-ring description refers to the type of seals used in each link. In either type of chain, small seals between the inner and outer plates are used to keep grease in the pins and bushings, and keep dirt out. In an O-ring chain, a standard O-ring is used — essentially a tiny donut-shaped seal. An X-ring seal is a type of O-ring, but has an X-shaped cross section rather than circular. There are a number of advantages to using an X-ring: A standard O-ring, when squeezed between the inner and outer plates, deforms and has a large surface area. But when an X-ring is placed between the inner and outer plates, it twists as opposed to being squashed, and two smaller sealing surfaces are created with less friction and wear. An X-ring also distorts less than a standard O-ring, and the gap between the sealing surfaces does a better job of retaining grease. According to D.I.D, its X-ring chains last twice as long as its O-ring chains, 20,000 miles vs. 10,000 miles. Both require regular cleaning and lubrication; even though the seals keep the inner components of the chain lubricated and safe from dirt, the external rollers and plates need lubrication, as do the rings themselves.