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    Went for my first ride yesterday on the 2014 Deluxe. Only did about 220 kilometers because the roads aren't in very good condition this early in the year in the Edmonton area. mind you it was 15 degrees Celsius. First impression was good, the ride is plush, it souks up rough roads with ease. the bike does not feel like its 720 lb. wet weight. maneuvers easily at slow speeds, though i found the bars would touch my knees when turning sharply. I should be able to raise the bars to fix this problem. at highway speeds it feels a bit twitchy, not quit as stable as some other bikes i have owned. again should be abil to adjust this. power is good for the size and weight of the bike, but we can always use more power. lol. I may be bias , owning a Suzuki Bandit 1250. The combination of the bat wing fairing, M.S. fork deflectors and highway bar chaps made a super calm cockpit, no wind buffeting at all. I could have a smoke on the highway if i wanted. the drivers backrest from Grasshopper is excellent, you don't have to hang on to the bars making the ride way more comfortable. I will probably upgrade to a big touring E.D. seat with backrest to sit me up and back a bit. I found my butt getting a bit numb after about on hour. only bummer was a lost Kuryakyn highway peg, lock-tight for the next one lol. so all in all a very nice bike i can hopefully enjoy for many klicks.

    • I had them order the wide grip handle bars when I bought my bike, and they are amazing with how comfortable it is to turn now, just a thought