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Had a nice little ride up the coast today with my wife as pillion. Weather was good, just a little cold. Bike sounds great with the new exhaust on, and plenty of grip from the new Michelin Pilot Road 3 tyres.

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  • I love the Michelin Pilot Roads, have a 3 on the front and 4 on rear.

  • I didn't want to mix them, and with them not doing the 4 in the front tyre size, I went for the 3's both ends. Seem good up to now though. :)

  • I understand what you mean, but couldn't work out what the issue would be if mixed. I put 3 and 4 on at the same time, got 6000 out of the rear and changed it for the 4 Trail, which doesn't seem to have lasted as long and 9000 (+/-) out of the front and put another 3 on. Something like 12,000 miles later on all manner of roads in every meteorological combination Western Britain can throw at me, including mud and cow poo, and I've had no problems with this combo whatsoever!!

  • Sounds like they're ok then, it's just the mechanic in me, we were always taught to keep things matched, and not to mix types. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two, just wanted to play safe. But your experience shows they seem to work well together. Shame they didn't bring them out in all sizes, must be less demand for 18" nowadays, that it's not worth their while. :)

  • The front wheel (on the 3vd at least) is a funny size. Stocks on the PR3 seem tonbe getting low, so hopefully a PR4 in our size is on it's way!