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So got my side mount last night and the vinyl sticker to cover the stock hole in fender!!!

Now question time. I really don't have time or equipment to remove the rear axle, but I think I can mount this on the lower shock mount between shock and frame. Any ideas or input.

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  • Most of the side mount brackets are designed to go to the shock mount bolt. I wouldn't recommend using the axle stud for it.

    Mine is attached to the shock bolt and it leaves plenty of clearance for everything.

  • I mounted mine on right side so only had to pull nut off not the shaft

  • Don't want to do right side due to stock exhaust and the angle I want to mount it. And this thing is $30.00 on amazon so no instruction, just 3 wires bolts and plates.

  • Ya I have a shorty gp tip

  • Mounted mine on the left side axle. It was an all day project but I'm happy with how it turned out

  • How hard is it gonna be to remove the inner fender too?

  • Very easy

  • Do I pull the 4 bolts on top of fender?

  • You won't remove those 4 on top. There are two studs on the underside of the fender with nuts that hold the fender extender on. Very easy to remove, just look under and you'll see.

  • Thanks. Leaving work early because I don't want to wait till sunday.

  • Matthew Branson i would also recommend modifying the fender extender and leaving the part that covers the wire connections under the fender. Just cut it a bit short of the end of the fender and reinstall the part back underneath.

  • That's the underside of the rear fender

  • Quick snaps of where I ran the wires for the license plate lights.

  • Thanks that's how I wanted to run the wires.

  • Which bars are those?

  • Zack Hobbs baron 12" skinny apes