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Amazing ride of the best of the tour. Get your bags packed because the Route 8 up the Croation coast is simply amazing and one of the best roads of my tour...forget Great Ocean Road (rode it last year) etc.

Well my friends its happened again. Met a Croation biker (Aprillia RSV4) on the ferry a few days ago. Last night he invited me to his home. We went out to dinner with his family and i stayed the night at his house. Breakfast this morning and now he is showing me some roads up into Slovenia. The kindness and generosity of people on thos trip has quite frankly, overwhelmed me.

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  • Amazing!!! :)

  • Go Michael go Michael go ! ✌

  • D8 is amazing and also very dangerous. There is also one more amazing road and it's called Plominka. It is also a coastal road,with much more curves and less traffic. So if anyone wants to hit a knee ;)

  • Vamos?

  • You're living the dream mate !

  • croatia is top of my loist for 2018 as booked up for next years trips