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My brother who owns a mobile valeting business ,cleaning my bike and applying ACF 50 to protect it against the elements

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  • Local to what area?

  • Chorley lancashire

  • all i want is a teflon type spray for my screen and front of bike and visor so the feckin bugs don`t stick lol

  • I cover mine in 3in1. Works well and a fraction of the price of ACF50.

  • I dont admit to knowing much about the product,my brother just recently started cleaning bikes,he has a fazer himself and recommended it,so i said id give it a go,i have used other products to coat the engine, and all moving parts during the winter on the advice of the mechanic at the dealer i bought it from,i know him well,he lives on my street

  • Yeah, i got ACF 50 and Motorex Protect as its called now. I use the ACF 50 for the winter and the Motorex after washing to get the black metal and plastics to come up like new. Triumph have been recommending the Protect and shine since at least 1995 :)

  • I used acf50 on the 1200 gsa I just sold., 2011 and 4 years on I kid you not, not one spot rust anywhere or oxidation on alloy, even on engine casing bolts behind front wheel. I I used cotton bud soak in it even on screws for discs ( notorious for rusting)But yep, got to keep spraying it regularly.

  • Mark, I also just ordered the protect and shine as per your recommendation.

  • my new can turned up the other day :)